Tamarins Road

Tamarins road : Technology for natural beauty of Reunion Island.


Tamarins road is a 34-kilometer expressway that follows the slopes from the top to the west of the island. It connects St. Paul to Etang-Salé. Its name comes from the Tamarin tree which lines the road.


This tree, emblematic from Reunion, is resistant to typical dry area served by the Tamarins road. This four routes is one of the most outstanding road of Reunion.

- The Viaduct of St. Paul : the door of entrance of the Tamarins road measures 756 meters long, a slope of 6%. It was designed to preserve the gully and is the most important structure of the Tamarins road.
- The Cap de la Houssaye tunnel preserves the savannah through an underpass to limit the ecological and environmental impact. Two tubes of more than 11 meters wide can cross this typical area of the island.
- Earthworks and mountainside structures: one travel 13 km above the ravines on the hillside between the gully of Saint-Gilles until Etang-Salé. On this section, we drive on a height between 200 and 300 meters.
- The Viaduct of Three Basins: a viaduct with an exceptional panorama spanning the gully of Saline-les-Bains, which offers a landscape on the ocean and beaches.

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