Our Rental Terms and Conditions

Rentacar Reunion’s rental terms and conditions


Our rental conditions let you know all your benefits as well as your responsibility by hiring a car with Rentacar Reunion. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, we encourage you to read the following lines.


Regarding the documents to be supplied


In order to benefit from our services and/or promotions, you have first of all to provide some administrative documents before you sign your lease. In particular :


  • ID card
  • valid driver’s license
  • letter of credit and means of payment.

Concerning the flexible financing options


With Rentacar Reunion, you have the possibility to pay your rental amount in two or three times at no extra charge. This option is only available if you pay via credit card. We will not request any documentary proof for a rental which costs between € 300 and € 8,000. The first monthly payment will be debited after the confirmation of booking. The remaining levies will be needed for the following month.


About the vehicle pick-up


As soon as the first procedures completed, you can pick up your rental car in one of our agencies :


  • Saint-Denis,
  • Sainte-Marie,
  • Saint-Pierre
  • and Saint-Gilles.

You can also ask to deliver your vehicle where you wish. The place must though be predetermined in your lease agreement. Aside from special arrangements, the return of the rental car will also be done at the same place. Otherwise, expenses related to the repatriation of the vehicle from the beforehand area remain at your charge.


People allowed to drive


For safety reasons, the name of the driver should be mentioned in the contract. You have to appoint him within the requested criteria. They include age requirements and category. You can also add some additional drivers if you want. Their number can be as many as there are car seats. They will thus be the only ones who are allowed to drive the vehicle. For the rental of trucks or utility vehicles, the designated driver must present the appropriate driving license. It must correspond to the tonnage and class of vehicle.


Relating to insurance


Hire a car with Rentacar Reunion means respecting the French traffic regulations. The violations of the laws and regulations are your liability as well as the liability of the person who is driving of the vehicle at the time of the offense.


Our leases are accompanied of course by civil liability insurance for covers bodily injury and property damage. It is established according to the Law of 27 February 1985 which imposes a mandatory insurance. It covers both the driver and passengers.


Your responsibility will not be committed if our insurer assigns full responsibility of the accident to an identified third party. You will have to pay charges related to damage, theft or any various vehicle capital costs otherwise.


For more details, please visit the different sections of our website: http://en.rentacar-reunion.fr/. You can also download PDF document containing our full terms here.