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Rent A Car takes away the stress of traffic by offering clients a wide choice of prestigious vehicles for the sheer pleasure of driving.

Rediscover what fun it can be behind the wheel with our Prestige category rentals. Spoil yourself and rent a vehicle that is comfortable for both driver and passengers. opt for open spaces on the inside of your car as well as on the outside! Everyone benefits from the comfortable seating and spacious interior - make every trip a great one!

As you tackle the winding Réunion roads, you'll be charmed by the cars available in this category. Don't let traffic get in the way of your desires! Follow your heart and the road ahead!

There is nothing like a prestige rental car to take to the roads in Réunion. These fully optioned vehicles with their exceptional levels of comfort will warm the hearts of those who are fans of the finer things in life. Rent A Car Réunion has prestige car owners in mind... we want you to retain the driving pleasure and comfort level you are used to... we want lovers of fine cars to take advantage of the pleasure of driving a luxurious vehicle on holiday.

The comfort that comes from a prestige rental car can only serve to heighten the pleasure of discovering the island, its culture and its unparalleled landscapes.

Toyota Yaris Or similar Category T

Toyota yaris
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Driving license's minimum years: 1 years
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