General information

Find all the important information for planning your trip to Reunion Island with Rent A Car, the leader in car rental in Reunion.


The currency:

Reunion is a French overseas department; it is a member of the European Union. Its currency is therefore the euro.

The essential documents to travel:

Although Reunion is a part of the European Union, but the island is not part of the Schengen area. Passport or identity cards (for the French) are enough to enter on the territory. In contrast, non-French nationals must apply for a special visa to Reunion with their embassy. The visa for France is not valid to access the island.

The jet lag:

In winter, it must add 3 hours and 2 hours in summer for French time.

The climate:

Reunion is characterized by a general climate of tropical humid that is why the island has two seasons: the southern winter and southern summer. Average temperatures can range from 18 ° C in the winter and can go up to 33 ° C in summer.
Seasons’ calendar is inverted from the metropolis. Indeed, the southern winter from May to October reached its highest point in July-August; and the summer is held during the remaining 6 months of the year (November-April), temperatures reach their maximum in January-February.
It is important to know that the island is subject to several microclimates:
- On the one hand because of the location: the eastern coast (cliff side) is more rainy and windy; while the western coast (beaches side) is drier because it protected by volcanoes reliefs.
- Secondly because of the relief of the island: the highlands are also a distinct environment owing to rises and drops temperatures which are brutal and important. Unlike the mountainous regions, sea edges are warmer and the temperature differences are lower there.

The Rent A Car advice:

To enjoy your stay without worrying about temperature changes, plan some warm clothes (pants and pull). Indeed, at the same time between the beach and the piton de la fournaise the temperature difference can be up to 15 ° C difference!

The roads and road networks:

Road networks are well developed on Reunion Island; they simplify the movement and relieve the pressure of cities, previously difficult to access. They account five national highways around the island and many county roads forming a dense network in low mountainous areas.
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