Rent a car Renault Twingo III or similar in Réunion (cat : F)

Twingo III, Hyundai I10, Volkswagen UP Or similar

Renault twingo iii
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Category : F
Engine : Petrol
Minimum age: 21 years
Driving license's minimum years: 1 years
Accident franchise : 900€
Theft franchise: 900€
Deposit: 1000€

You get freedom at a low cost with category F vehicles.

Are you looking for something simple? A car that is easy to drive or a way to keep your holiday budget on the rails? Rent A Car offers rental cars such as the Renault Twingo III, Peugeot 107, Kia Picanto or Hyundai I10.

Rental cars such as the Renault Twingo III, Peugeot 107, Hyundai I10 and Kia Picanto are perfect for short trips from your hotel to the beach of your choice.

They are easy to drive - making them the perfect car for trips about town. There's no easier way to move around in traffic! With a car from this category, parking is no hassle, fitting into a small space in a town centre full of cars is child's play!

These are ideal rental cars for couples on a small budget as luggage space in the boot is fairly limited.

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