Rent a car Toyota Yaris Hybride or similar in Réunion (cat : L)

Toyota Yaris Hybride Or similar

Toyota yaris hybride
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Category : L
Engine : Petrol
Minimum age: 21 years
Driving license's minimum years: 1 years
Accident franchise : 1000€
Theft franchise: 1000€
Deposit: 1100€

Eco-friendly and compact - these are the essential qualities of a Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

Rent A Car encourages you to help take care of our magnificent Réunion by driving a rental Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

A Toyota Yaris Hybrid is an excellent car, one that looks after nature while remaining a pleasant rental car to drive.

Compact but with limited baggage space, renting a Toyota Yaris Hybrid may be just right for a small family seeking to explore while remaining conscious of the environment.

This car releases few emissions in town and is also ideal for short trips along the open roads of our island. This intelligent rental car will switch between power sources depending on how you drive and your speed.

A Toyota Yaris Hybrid is quiet, so quiet in fact that you have to take it easy in residential areas, as pedestrians may not be able to hear it coming.