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Rent a Car Reunion offers you its Fun MPV (Ludospace) category.

Rent A Car Réunion recommends that all 4 - 5 person families choose a Renault Kangoo type vehicle if they want to enjoy an incredible trip!

Do you often travel as a family with 2 - 3 small children? Do you often face organisational problems, having to restrict the number of bags you take for yourselves to leave room for buggies, high chairs, prams or baby beds? Do you want to all be able to travel together in the same vehicle? You are travelling as a family to Réunion and would like to offer your loved ones some unforgettable memories and moments together, discovering our enchanting countryside, the rich, dense, luxuriant and extraordinary natural beauty of the island's landscapes. The problem is, you have a lot of luggage...

You don't need to worry with an fun loving MPV! Take the 5-seater Renault Kangoo for example - it boasts plenty of room in the back and offers you the comfort and space of a sedan along with the practical side of an MPV. You don't need to think about managing and organising your transportation needs before you set off on your holiday, you can count on a fun MPV to simplify your travel and trips when you're away from home. Why choose between bringing the pram for your baby or a bike for your older child when everything will fit in the Renault Kangoo from Rent A Car!

DACIA Dokker Or similar Category O

Dacia dokker
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Driving license's minimum years: 1 years
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